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Join the Hands-On Revolution!

Hands up everyone who shares a passion for the power of positive, nurturing touch!

  • Get the date in the diary and plan your October

  • Pro-Touch Ambassadors – register your interest

  • New website launching Summer 2021

  • One Million Healing Hugs to launch October 2021

  • Raising Public Awareness – touch and connection therapies: free online libraries to share

  • Fundraising and/or Volunteering across UK in October to celebrate and promote our amazing sector

Now in year 4 – and with last years’ activities taken fully on-line – there are plans for a bigger and better (Covid-safe) campaign for October 2021.

National Massage Day and Pro-Touch Awareness Month still fall on the 1st October and throughout October but are part of a bigger, year round Pro-Touch Movement. Our touch-starved world so needs it.

With a new website launching this Summer, the movement is calling out for Pro-Touch Ambassadors who are passionate about touch therapy and the benefits of human connection. Whether an individual therapist, teacher, carer, a centre, charity or National organisation – you can get involved in a variety of ways. Help champion our wonderful well-being sector… and be a force for good at the same time. #businesskindness is the hashtag theme behind the whole campaign.

With giveaways and fun competitions, free events in the Facebook group, free on-line libraries, support for local fundraising and volunteer groups, Olympia Beauty London being the first Pro-Touch exhibition and the launch of One Million Healing Hugs, there’s something for everyone.

Support the campaign by taking a pledge and becoming a Pro-Touch Ambassador! Find out more by visiting the website, register your interest and join the Facebook group -.

I'm proud to be on the steering team and there are lots of different ways that you can be involved - whether you are a parent, therapist, teacher, carer or charity.


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