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CPI were the first to offer an accredited and insurable professional cuddler training course for those wishing to become cuddle professionals. Professional accreditation is vital for any type of therapist or practitioner, and being a CPI-accredited cuddle professional shows your clients that you take your profession seriously and practice to the highest standard.


This is a comprehensive course that will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you'll need to become a successful professional cuddler.  Completing the course will enable you to practice cuddling as a legitimate therapy modality, and in an ethical and responsible way.

The course consists of 20 modules with assignments, interactive quizzes and a video of cuddle positions


CPI's Ethical Touch ProtocolsTM

The Psychology and Physiology of Touch

Touch and Healing

Boundaries and Consent 

Safety and Security

Client Contracts

Business Marketing and Promotion

Cuddle Positions Video


CPI Course Benefits

Cuddle Professionals International CMA, IICT and CPD accredited Diploma to print out upon successful completion

Detailed profile and photo in the CPI Member directory (£45 annually to remain a certified CPI member)

Exclusive insurance cover for your cuddle practice (cost not included)

The opportunity to be featured in our Member Spotlight

Use of CPI's logos on your business cards, website, marketing materials and social media pages

Use CPI's initials after your name, to show that you are a member of an ethical professional trade association.

Cuddle Professionals International Facebook and Instagram

Ongoing email support 


Fee: £145 

Duration: Home study in your own time

Access: 180 days (six months).  Most people take much less time to complete the course.

Entry Requirements: An empathic, non-judgmental personality

and an interest in holistic therapies and healing.



































certified professional cuddler

Ever wanted to learn more about platonic touch and its impact on our lives? Then this course may just be for you. A thorough and informative course covering everything from the physiological and biological responses to touch to how touch differs in various cultures through to social and ethical aspects. It also covers how to set up in business as a cuddle professional.  I thoroughly enjoyed researching the topics covered and also notice how much more touch aware I am on a personal level so, in fact, it is not only great as a holistic therapy but also for enhancing our own relationships with family and friends. Kitty is very professional and supportive throughout.

Nancy Nudds

Manchester, UK

I found out a lot of amazing information about touch from the perspective of health and social interaction, and appreciated the sections for practical use. This will be a solid basis for being a professional cuddler and spreading the importance of touch in society

Sebastian Drobny

Vienna, Austria

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As a death doula, touch is a powerful tool in supporting people who are terminally ill and/or dying. I got everything I needed from this course to integrate touch therapy into my practice. I recommend it to anyone interested in touch therapy.

Iris Fyrdundel

California, USA

I was very pleased with the course. It answered many questions that I had about the role of appropriate touch in the delivery of compassion to my fellow human and focused nicely on the anatomical structures that allow different kinds of response to touch. Even after completing the course, I still re-read the material for enjoyment.

Roger M

London, UK

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