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Join the Hands-On Revolution!

Cuddle Professionals International is a proud lead participant in the Pro-Touch Movement.  Did you know that every October is Pro-Touch Awareness Month?  This is all about the promotion and sharing of positive touch – something so incredibly important in our current touch-starved world. We are campaigning to bring consensual touch to those who have none, raising awareness of our wonderful touch therapies and celebrating around the globe via local fundraising, volunteering and also touching the lives of others with acts of kindness.


Do you believe in the power of positive touch and value of human connection?  Our Ambassadors are extremely special people and are so important as we safely navigate our way out of our already touch-starved world. We all know that consensual touch (touch with consent) can come in many forms – in our working lives as well-being practitioners, nurses, teachers, carers – and in our everyday lives with friends, family, our companion animals and yes, to ourselves. This is your chance to join others in celebrating the benefits of sharing respectful, positive touch.  To find out more, just click on the button below.