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Happy Pro-Touch Awareness Month! 

Join the Hands-On Revolution.

Cuddle Professionals International is in proud partnership with the Pro-Touch Movement.  Did you know that every October is Pro-Touch Awareness Month?  This is all about the promotion and sharing of positive touch – something so incredibly important in our current touch-starved world. We are campaigning to bring consensual touch to those who have none, raising awareness of our wonderful touch therapies and celebrating around the globe via local fundraising, volunteering and also touching the lives of others with acts of kindness.


The Pledges
These three pledges are core to the whole campaign. Watch our mini video here over on the pledge page. When you take a pledge (or two or all three!), you will be instantly emailed all of the amazing free digital content for this year.

1.    EDUCATION: Spread the word about the incredible benefits of hands-on therapies, touch and human connection. Share this campaign, free content and Blogs in your circles. Teachers and parents can demonstrate our Lizzie Ladybird Story Massage in schools, children’s groups or in their own home.
2.    FUNDRAISING: Raise money for a local or National good cause of your choice and create PR for both them and you/your business/school/social group. It's a wonderful way to connect with and grow your audience and serve your community.
3.    VOLUNTEERING: Offer your therapy, touch or connection treatments to those in your society who are in need and would benefit the most. 

All of this year's Pro-Touch Awareness Month digital content is ready to download, totally free of charge. Visit the brand new (utterly beautiful!) Pro-Touch Movement website and grab it all, share it all, and plan your activities and promotions for every October. Our best year yet is here. Come and join in! 

The free content includes all of the branded logos, social media and website banners, e-book with 38 different ideas on how to celebrate this October and get in front of your clients and local press, free press release template, PTM Sponsor Form, PTM A4 fundraising poster to print - and - a branded bundle of 31 PTM social media memes all about touch, massage and connection. All free - just sign up! 

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