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Kakuzina Ekaterina | Obnimautebya | Moscow, RF

I feel very well and have understood the value of hugs for many years, and with pleasure I am ready to share this pleasant state with you. Helping, benefiting others and seeing the result is one of my basic core values. I have a higher economic education and a few additional diplomas:

Author's school of Sergey Knyazev - Event Manager

RUDN - Public Relations and Advertising Manager

Institute of Business and Business Administration of the Russian Academy of National Economy - Human Resources

CPI Certified Professional Cuddler

As well as personal growth trainings:

Intermodal therapy

Shadow work

My Tasty Life

Wish Marathon


I like to dance, especially while driving. I write quick oil paintings. In childhood, I engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, rock and roll, cycling and fencing, and graduated from a piano school of music.  And I’m the mother of two kids who also love hugs! / inst. - @ obnimautebya |

Touch Therapy by Jasmina | Canberra, Australia

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