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All the Cuddle Professionals in our Member Directory have completed our

certified diploma course and observe CPI's Ethical Touch ProtocolsTM

LUNA FUENTES | Ripple Effect Platonic Touch Therapy, Mexico City, Mexico

As a female entrepreneur, freedom to explore connection and exercise my boundaries were the pillars that led me to create a new and unique space for you to experience the power of healing through Platonic Touch Therapy. Throughout my coaching practice, I have developed tools to reframe every difficult situation and map a path that enables people to become more integrated and able to make the changes they didn’t think they could make. By integrating and combining touch therapy, life coaching principles, and trauma-informed care, my vision is to help you realize the ripple effect always starts with you. Platonic Touch Therapy empowers you to discover and navigate your emotional needs, nurture self-awareness, and foster healthier relationships. The magic of working with boundaries and consent is to feel relationships are no longer “all-or-nothing” when it comes to nourishing physical touch. It’s about being supported and connected on your own terms. At Ripple Effect Platonic Touch Therapy, our team provides safe, empathetic, and trauma-informed platonic-touch experiences, prioritizing a supportive environment where you can explore the power of connection while experiencing the therapeutic benefits of platonic touch. We honor inclusivity, respect, and empowerment as the way to cultivate profound connections with yourself and others, igniting a ripple effect of healing and positive change.  As an internationally Certified Platonic Touch Therapist and Reiki Master, with additional certifications in Life Coaching and Holistic Health, I bring a wealth of expertise and a profound understanding of human connection to my practice.





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I feel very well and have understood the value of hugs for many years, and with pleasure I am ready to share this pleasant state with you. Helping, benefiting others and seeing the result is one of my basic core values. I have a higher economic education and a few additional diplomas:

Author's school of Sergey Knyazev - Event Manager

RUDN - Public Relations and Advertising Manager

Institute of Business and Business Administration of the Russian Academy of National Economy - Human Resources

CPI Certified Professional Cuddler

As well as personal growth trainings:

Intermodal therapy

Shadow work

My Tasty Life

Wish Marathon


I like to dance, especially while driving. I write quick oil paintings. In childhood, I engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, rock and roll, cycling and fencing, and graduated from a piano school of music.  And I’m the mother of two kids who also love hugs!

Instagram @ obnimautebya


JASMINA | Touch Therapy by Jasmina, Canberra, Australia

When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors they feel lonely and lost. My great passion is bringing healing to people through touch therapy, either through conventional massage therapy, or through this new fantastic approach to healing - cuddle therapy. I help my clients to heal broken bridges by teaching them that human touch is essential to our well being. I love seeing them building healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so I have been trained in a range of modalities that helped me to work with different people with different needs. My training with Cuddle Professionals International provided me with the tools I am using in my business “Touch Therapy by Jasmina” to connect to my clients. My touch is there to suit my clients needs. It can be gentle, soft and warm, but also strong, assuring and embracing. In my sessions I am happy to listen to my clients and talk to them, but I am also happy to offer hugs in silence. Every session is different and customised to each client. I am a passionate gardener, love learning new things and enjoy spending free time with my family.  I am based in Canberra, ACT, Australia and happy to see my clients in my studio, but I am also able to offer sessions at my clients premises.  For more information please visit my website.

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