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What is a Cuddle Professional?

A trained and skilled professional cuddler holds a confidential safe space for their consenting adult client to experience healthy non-sexual human touch within pre-agreed boundaries. 


Who uses a Cuddle Professional?


A professional cuddler's client demographic is very wide.  Early-20's to seniors, those between-partners and those who have lost their partners, ex-servicemen and women, those who live alone, the disabled and marginalised, and those who are surrounded by others. Some people who are on their own or single don't often (or ever) get the opportunity to hug others in a meaningful way. Most clients are male - here's a fascinating article written by a male client of a US professional cuddler.


Cuddle Professional Qualities


Do you want to become a professional cuddler? Cuddle Professionals are tactile, warm, empathic, understanding and non-judgmental. They may be male or female.  No previous experience is required, although many cuddlers have backgrounds in holistic therapy and the caring professions. Sessions with clients consist of platonic cuddling, talking, and - more importantly - listening.  There is no sexual activity involved - no kissing, and no touching of intimate areas.


Cuddle Professional Essentials:


  • Observes CPI's Ethical Touch ProtocolsTM

  • Accepts both male and female clients (most clients are male)

  • Accepts all races

  • Accepts all ages (18+)

  • Accepts all sexualities

  • Accepts all body types, sizes and disabilities

  • Reliable, honest and punctual

  • Positive, caring personality

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

  • Business acumen and vision to succeed


If you know you have all the qualities needed become a professional cuddler we invite you to enrol on our certified Cuddle Professionals International Diploma course - just click on the link below.  Upon successful completion you will be eligible to have your detailed profile and photo added to the relevant section of our directory.  There is an annual subscription fee of £45 for CPI membership, and annually thereafter to remain a certified CPI member - that's less than £4 per month.

You will have access to peer networking, Zoom meetings, on-going support, exclusive cuddle practice insurance and the right to use our logos in your marketing materials and our initials after your name.  You can also be featured in our Member Spotlight.


All members of CPI have completed our certified and accredited Cuddle Professionals International Diploma Course.  CPI requires its members to abide by a strict ethical code of conduct, which includes maintaining the highest standards of etiquette and behaviour.


Find out more about professional cuddling from one of our members, Ani Rose

Listen to an interview with one of our members, Mel at Your Embrace Space

Listen to an interview on BBC Radio with one of our members, Natasha at Mind Matters

(starts at 44 mins)







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professional cuddler training
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