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All the Cuddle Professionals in our Member Directory have completed our

certified diploma course and observe CPI's Ethical Touch ProtocolsTM

LAURA |Lekker Cuddles| Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hallo! My name is Laura – certified platonic touch therapist and founder of Lekker Cuddles. I absolutely love people, and relate effortlessly and genuinely to everyone I meet. Many people say they are deeply comforted by my warm demeanour, and that my vibrant energy and sense of humour are infectious.  The Lekker Cuddles experience provides indulgent and genuine platonic intimacy that is curated exactly to your needs and preferences. You will leave feeling simultaneously relaxed and infused with energy.  Please feel free to WhatsApp me directly with any questions that are not answered on the FAQ on my website. 

I look forward to embracing you!

+31 6 43479635


Laura Just.jpeg

STEFFI | Touch for Comfort, Malta

Hi, I'm Steffi, wife, mother and professional cuddler. I strongly believe in the power of touch and the many comforts and benefits it brings to us human beings. I look forward to accompany you on this journey of improved well-being. 

professional cuddler Malta

ELISA MEYER |Die Kuschel Kiste | Leipzig, Germany

We love to cuddle and want to share this wonderful experience with you - that’s why we offer our cuddle service.   Instead of spending your free time on typical things such as sport and cinema, you can also do something for your body and soul – cuddle with a professional. This is already an everyday thing in America, but is still new and unusual in Europe. Physical touch, along with sleep and food, is a fundamental human need. If you don’t get to cuddle with friends, family or partners, then you definitely have a deficit in your everyday life.

professional cuddler Germanyy
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