All the Cuddle Professionals in our Member Directory have completed our

certified diploma course and observe CPI's Ethical Touch ProtocolsTM

Caterina | Hampshire Cuddle Therapy | Hampshire

Hi, I’m Caterina and I’m based near Eastleigh, in the beautiful South Coast of Hampshire.  I’m a Certified and fully Insured Cuddle Therapist, providing consensual touch within professional boundaries.  Whether you have anxiety, feeling stressed, bereaved, overwhelmed, lacking confidence issues or wish to explore the wonderful benefits of cuddles have on your health and well being, I can offer you hourly sessions of professional Cuddle Therapy, in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment.  I have completed a basic counselling course and have extensive Mental Health and Wellbeing background. I am down to earth, empathetic and a caring person, who has a positive outlook on life. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. My interests are socialising, training in Gutter fighting (hand to hand combat) and visiting my holiday home in Cornwall when I can, to escape the rat race of busy life, whilst taking in the stunning Cornish beaches and fresh air. If you would like to find out more information about Cuddle Therapy, or feel that I would be a suitable Cuddle Therapist for you, I welcome you to contact me. | 07818 668033

Nadine | Meraki Healing, Therapy and Wellbeing | Dorset

For years I have worked with people, and I am a big believer in the healing power of human connection and about healing the soul as well as the human body.  I am a trained Holistic Therapist and I use many therapies to empower healing in my clients, from Reiki, to massage, to Hypnotherapy.  I am naturally a relaxing person and a hugger. I have very big listening ears.

Petra | Harmony Cuddles | London

Originally from the Czech Republic, I am trained and certified member of Cuddle Professionals International.  I’ve always been a “hugger” and all my life I’ve been working with people, in community or in hospital. I am trained as a general nurse and have NVQ2 in health and social care in the UK. I am a positive and kind person who loves meeting new people. I am a great listener and I can offer you support, understanding, a shoulder to cry if needed or we can laugh and joke or just enjoy each other’s company. My goal is for you to leave the session with a smile on your face, feeling relaxed, loved and connected.  My mission is to make this world a better place by sharing my unconditional love via loving, nurturing touch. | 07871 492313

Natasha | Coventry

Hi there! I'm a kind, caring and considerate person, who likes to listen and who gives good hugs! I'm a good confidant and always willing to offer advise when it's wanted. I love cooking, travelling, socialising, laughing and going on adventures! I'm an animal lover too as they make great snugglers, but don't have any at present so would like to give my cuddles to someone!

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